Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy (“the Site”) respects intellectual property rights held by others as we hope that others do the same with regards to ours. Under Title 17, United States Code Section 512(c), any copyright owner may send their notice of takedown directly via our DMCA Agent below; being an internet service company we can claim immunity under “safe harbor” provisions of DMCA; in order to claim good faith with us it would require sending such a letter stating these facts:

Notice of Infringement Claim

Electronic or physical signature of person who owns copyright (or an individual authorized to perform these responsibilities); Its Identification of Copyright Holder whose work may have been violated

Identification of content which infringes and enough details about its source are needed for an service provider to investigate (please provide URL of website in question as this will aid us in discovering its origin)

Information that allows service provider service provider to get in contact with complainant such as name, location, phone number and fax number should also be submitted in case there are issues related to complaint handling;

Declaration that the complainant believes in good faith that copyright rules prohibit their usage;

Under penalty of perjury, this notice of claim states that its content is true and accurate and that the individual lodging it has legal authorization to perform the duties associated with owning copyright rights.

Title 17 U.S.C SS512(f) is a civil law which establishes sanctions, such as attorney and other fees costs against anyone who intentionally and materially misrepresents information when notifying of infringement under 17 U.S.C SS512(c)(3).

All notifications regarding takedown must be sent through our Contact Page and should also include contact details so we may respond swiftly. All takedown notices can also be delivered directly by email allowing for swift action by our team.

Note it’s essential that you realize we may share any copyright infringement claims we receive along with their suspected violator, including your information and identity. By filing a claim you consent that we can share both with them as well.

Counter Notification and Material Restoration Services.

If your content was removed because of an infringement claim for copyright infringement, and has since been restored on our website. Please send the counter notice via letter addressed to our DMCA Agent including these details as per 17 USC Section 512(g)(3):

Electronic or manual signature. A brief explanation of what was taken out and its original location before removal.

Submit a declaration under penalties of perjury that states your honest belief that an item was disabled or removed due to identification error or mistake in regard to what needed to be deleted/disabled/blocked off.

Provide details such as your home address, name of house and phone number along with written confirmation that you agree with and submit to the authority of a Federal District Court in your local district (or if outside of America – jurisdiction of any district in which service provider operates); as well as accepting service of process from company/person who issued initial notice.

Send your counter-notice through our Contact webpage; sending via email is highly encouraged.

Repeat Infringer Policy mes We take copyright infringement seriously and in line with Digital Millennium Copyright Act policies regarding repeat infringers we maintain a list of notices sent out and try our best to identify repeat offenders; those found violating our internal repeat-infringer policies will have their accounts suspended immediately.


We reserve the right to alter any and all information presented on this page as well as its policies regarding dealing with DMCA claims at any point and time for any reason whatsoever, so users are advised to visit this page often in case there are updates to these policies.